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What is Kindle Vella?

Kindle Vella is a platform for serialized stories, one short episode ('chapter') at a time. Readers can explore Kindle Vella stories in the Kindle app by going to the Discover tab in app on iOS devices or the Store tab in app on Android and Fire devices and tapping the Kindle Vella link, and they can also visit the Kindle Vella store at

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Charms & Chokers: A Lyric Alden Cozy Mystery

Lyric is a witch and a forensics expert. She has used her talents and powers to help the police. After a messy divorce, she moves from Boston to Whitney Cove, CA with her cat, Hex. Renting an apartment in Buffy Kingsley’s home. On her first night, she finds a necklace in her room. In her hand, the stone pendant glows. The next morning, Buffy is found dead. Detective Kia Seton and Lyric locate Buffy’s son James. Trouble brews when Buffy wills her home to Lyric, making her the prime suspect.

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