Happy New Decade 2020

My team and I wish you all a very happy 2020.  A whole new decade and a new list of goals. In 2019 I finished writing Chloe’s Diary and she is currently being queried. I’m still in the beginning stages for my next project, The Queen’s Scholar. This one’s going to be a duology about the Tudor Dynasty.  This won’t be your usual book on the Tudors, because, in my unique fashion, there will be time travel, a ghost or two, romance, a cemetery and of course a tower.

You can also look forward to two posts a month, ranging from my top ten lists, book reviews and of course taking you along with the creation of my next two books.  Everyone is busy, I know, so I am going to send out one newsletter a month unless something super exciting happens.

I am working on a short story series, called “Afterlife Transportation Services” Well, not really working on it, more like playing with the storyline.

Here’s a little visual into that series., meet Dee.

She’s hundreds of thousands of years old.  She’s not just a reaper, she is THE Reaper.  The Reaper in charge and she has decided that the afterlife needs some redecorating.

I am so looking forward to an amazing new decade, one filled with love, laughter and of course, literature, and for all of you, I wish the same.



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