Anne Boleyn’s Execution

          Four hundred and eighty five years ago, on May 19, 1536, Anne Boleyn was executed for high crimes and treason, all of which she was innocent.  She was the first English queen to be executed. Let’s go through her last hours. Anne celebrated Mass for the last time as the […]

Jangles With Jane: Volume 2

Amy Dudley (née Robsart) (7 June 1532 – 8 September 1560) I’m not one to talk behind someone’s back and this did happen after I had been beheaded in 1540, which is an entirely different story altogether. Still, to this day I proclaim my innocence. But back to the story at hand. Anne Boleyn’s daughter […]

Haunted Hawthorne: Volume 2

Stories from the Village of Hawthorne (The town in Snapshots In Time) The morning sun shone on the front porch of the shop as I dragged buckets of flowers outside.  My knee was swollen and an ugly shade of purple, thankfully I knew it wasn’t broken. I’d had enough fractured bones to know the difference […]

Snapshots Inspiration

Snapshots in Time was so much fun to write, but it was also one of those books that I couldn’t quite get to where I wanted it for a long time.  My husband, our girls, and I went on a family trip to Victoria, BC. Why? Because I was whining that I hadn’t had a […]

Captain’s Table: Volume 2

The Lobster Roll, both delicious and controversial. Those of us in New England do it differently than the rest of the East Coast. In Connecticut, you can get a warm open-topped hotdog roll stuffed with chunks of lobster meat and drizzled with drawn butter. And yes, they are delicious. But here at the Hawthorne Manor […]

Recipes from the Captain’s Table – Volume 1

Here at the Hawthorne Manor Inn, we use old family recipes from our employees, ourselves, and our neighbors.  This recipe is from the Hawthorne family archives, and it has been changed and perfected over the decades. The original recipe was found written on a scroll that was found in the attic. In the very chest […]

Haunted Hawthorne – Volume 1

Stories from the Village of Hawthorne (The town in “Snapshots In Time”) Hawthorne Village is home to more ghosts than people. Everyone has a story, and this is mine. I’m a floral designer, and my little shop is haunted. It must be! That’s the only  explanation for what has occurred and why I have more […]

Recipes from the Tudor Table – Volume 1

During my duology research, I had a hankering for a scone with clotted cream. I fell in love with them while in Ireland. The scones are just a basic biscuit. You can find the link to the recipe here at TastesBetterFromScratch.   It was so easy, and they came out wonderful the first time.  Now […]

Jangles with Jane – Volume 1

I’m not one to talk behind her back but… Everyone from mere lads to the King himself has been talking about Anne’s dog.   She loved that little dog, It was initially given to Sir Francis Bryan by the Lady Lisle as a gift for Christmas. In case you didn’t know, we exchange gifts on New […]

Cooking with 500 Year old Recipes

Bowl of Pottage

  In a rare twist of fate, I was able to attend Tudor-Con. Because of COVID it was remote and not at their usual location out east, and I was naked cartwheels happy over it. Being married to an Asian man who wouldn’t feel comfortable dressing up in Medieval attire, and I who would want […]