The Tudor Weirdness

I have always been interested in the Tudor Dynasty especially Anne Boleyn. I remember reading books about her when I was a child. (That’s why the next book I’m planning will be all about her!)A few years ago, my husband took us all to England and I got to walk where Anne Boleyn walked. I […]

Jangles with Jane: Volume 4

Volume 4 It’s common knowledge that Anne Boleyn wore a yellow dress in celebration of Queen Katherine’s (Katherine of Aragon) death. But did she? Did she really? Let’s take a look at the facts.  The queen did pass away on January 7th, 1536, while in residence at Kimbolton Castle. It’s believed that Queen Katherine’s heart […]

Jangles Volume 3: Mary Tudor’s Pregnancy: Real or Imagined?

Mary Tudor’s Pregnancy: Real or Imagined? Since I have already been executed once, I’m in no danger spilling the tea on Mary the First. Now, we all know that she was the first Queen of England that didn’t get there by marriage.  She also had a quite colorful nickname: Bloody Mary. She got this moniker […]

Haunted Hawthorne: Volume 3

Stories from the Village of Hawthorne (The town in Snapshots In Time) Volume 3 My knee began to scream by the time I had locked up the shop, the agony beyond anything I had ever felt, but, in my defense, I can be a bit dramatic.  Despite the pain, I was able to make a […]

Book Reviews with Alex:  A Tip for the Hangman by Allison Epstein

Book Reviews with Alex Today, I am reviewing  A Tip for the Hangman by Allison Epstein This is what Amazon said: England, 1585. In Kit Marlowe’s last year at Cambridge, he receives an unexpected visitor: Queen Elizabeth’s spymaster, who has come with an unorthodox career opportunity. Her Majesty’s spies are in need of new recruits, […]

Anne Boleyn’s Execution

          Four hundred and eighty five years ago, on May 19, 1536, Anne Boleyn was executed for high crimes and treason, all of which she was innocent.  She was the first English queen to be executed. Let’s go through her last hours. Anne celebrated Mass for the last time as the […]

Jangles With Jane: Volume 2

Amy Dudley (née Robsart) (7 June 1532 – 8 September 1560) I’m not one to talk behind someone’s back and this did happen after I had been beheaded in 1540, which is an entirely different story altogether. Still, to this day I proclaim my innocence. But back to the story at hand. Anne Boleyn’s daughter […]

Haunted Hawthorne: Volume 2

Stories from the Village of Hawthorne (The town in Snapshots In Time) The morning sun shone on the front porch of the shop as I dragged buckets of flowers outside.  My knee was swollen and an ugly shade of purple, thankfully I knew it wasn’t broken. I’d had enough fractured bones to know the difference […]

Snapshots Inspiration

Snapshots in Time was so much fun to write, but it was also one of those books that I couldn’t quite get to where I wanted it for a long time.  My husband, our girls, and I went on a family trip to Victoria, BC. Why? Because I was whining that I hadn’t had a […]

Captain’s Table: Volume 2

The Lobster Roll, both delicious and controversial. Those of us in New England do it differently than the rest of the East Coast. In Connecticut, you can get a warm open-topped hotdog roll stuffed with chunks of lobster meat and drizzled with drawn butter. And yes, they are delicious. But here at the Hawthorne Manor […]