Snapshots in Time

It might be summer at the Hawthorn Manor Inn, but the resident teenage ghost will pull out all her Christmas Carol tactics to unite a sexy Scottish anthropologist with his very own wedding planner. When Mandy and Finn collide the reverberations are felt on both sides of the pond.

So, sit on the veranda with some iced tea and get prepared to meet the characters that have and do make the small village of Hawthorne their home. And for those who loved A Ghost of a Chance, there’s a little something inside this story, just for you.

A Ghost of a Chance

Tyler’s love of ghost stories propelled him to become a best-selling author, but he never expected that his career could be over at the age of 27.

When a brain tumor causes his bride to leave him at the altar, Tyler flees the paparazzi to keep them from finding out the real reason.

But when he arrives in Ireland to finish the last book in his Ghosts of Glencoe series, he finds far more than the solace he was seeking. He finds himself transported to Ardmore’s past every time he falls asleep.

Even though he, more than anyone, knows that ghosts aren’t real he finds himself haunted by a beautiful and tragic ghost named Brigid.
As the tumor grows, he’s torn between finishing the book that he came to Ireland to write and building a relationship with a beautiful ghost who may only be a figment of his imagination and a symptom of his brain tumor.

Will Tyler finish his life’s work, or will he become lost in his own real-life ghost story?


An Afterlife Cozy Mystery.

Dee, more commonly known as Death or the Grim Reaper, has reinvented herself as a fashionista and made the bold move to challenge the lines of appropriate in the afterlife by redecorating it, turning the dark and bleak to fashionable and welcoming, but that isn’t her greatest taboo considering her Archangel love interest, Gabriel, who drives her both mad and crazy at the same time. Dee meets a sweet, Southern grandma with plenty of moxie and an abundant love for her only grandson, Samual when she is called to reap her soul after Maria has been deliberately infected with a deadly virus during a global pandemic. Tragically she learns that it was her beloved grandson whom is the cause of her death. Together Dee and Maria partner together to extract the answers from Samual that Maria is in need of in this mash-up tale of adventure, romance, mystery, betrayal, love. Buckle up for this emotional roller coaster ride that will have you loathing its characters in one scene and loving them in the next.