Jangles with Jane Volume 5

I was haunting the palace today and overheard some juicy jangles—no I wasn’t actually seeking out gossip. I was in fact actively spying…because why not?  I can. Did you know that there were numerous attempts on Queen Elizabeth’s life (this would be the first Queen Elizabeth) Anne Boleyn’s daughter, my niece?   Let’s chat about one […]

Snapshots Inspiration

Snapshots in Time was so much fun to write, but it was also one of those books that I couldn’t quite get to where I wanted it for a long time.  My husband, our girls, and I went on a family trip to Victoria, BC. Why? Because I was whining that I hadn’t had a […]

Happy New Decade 2020

My team and I wish you all a very happy 2020.  A whole new decade and a new list of goals. In 2019 I finished writing Chloe’s Diary and she is currently being queried. I’m still in the beginning stages for my next project, The Queen’s Scholar. This one’s going to be a duology about […]