Jangles with Jane Volume 5

I was haunting the palace today and overheard some juicy jangles—no I wasn’t actually seeking out gossip. I was in fact actively spying…because why not?  I can. Did you know that there were numerous attempts on Queen Elizabeth’s life (this would be the first Queen Elizabeth) Anne Boleyn’s daughter, my niece?   Let’s chat about one […]

Jangles with Jane: Volume 4

Volume 4 It’s common knowledge that Anne Boleyn wore a yellow dress in celebration of Queen Katherine’s (Katherine of Aragon) death. But did she? Did she really? Let’s take a look at the facts.  The queen did pass away on January 7th, 1536, while in residence at Kimbolton Castle. It’s believed that Queen Katherine’s heart […]

Jangles With Jane: Volume 2

Amy Dudley (née Robsart) (7 June 1532 – 8 September 1560) I’m not one to talk behind someone’s back and this did happen after I had been beheaded in 1540, which is an entirely different story altogether. Still, to this day I proclaim my innocence. But back to the story at hand. Anne Boleyn’s daughter […]

Jangles with Jane – Volume 1

I’m not one to talk behind her back but… Everyone from mere lads to the King himself has been talking about Anne’s dog.   She loved that little dog, It was initially given to Sir Francis Bryan by the Lady Lisle as a gift for Christmas. In case you didn’t know, we exchange gifts on New […]