Goodbye to my ECLP, and I’m Going to Miss those Covers.

Wow, I’m actually going to do it. I am switching over from the ECLP (Erin Condren Life Planner) to the new On the Go Folio. AND…here’s why.

Last year (2018) was a whirlwind and I expect the New Year to be one as well.

SO much happened, I got diagnosed with Lupus, and it pretty much has attached itself to my skin, blood, liver and joints.

My oldest turned 18 and has been sending out college applications and planning her future between those inevitable last year of high school events, there is also the last first day of school, last homecoming dance, and the last prom and graduation coming up. I’m not going to lie, sometimes I am not handling it well.

My youngest is driving not by herself yet, but she has her permit, so there have been many times when I am in the car hoping and praying that no one dies while my baby is taking the corners on two wheels (No, not really but it feels like it.) She’s a good driver but she does take those corners fast.

And add home, dog, marriage, mom, cool mom (I know, I’m the cool mom, I’ve never been cool a day in my life.) and of course writing.

My writing career is at a nice rate, my books are selling and I am getting great reviews (I’m not supossed to read them but I kind of had to.) I don’t so much anymore because when I read that someone has said something amzing about one of my stories… I’m basically reduced to happy tears.

Let’s talk about the last reason I am not able to keep using my ECLP. My writing. I am currently working on Chloe’s Diary, and Stabbing Diamonds with the very talented DIane Lewis, querying agents, becoming more involved in industry groups like RWA (Romance Writers of America).  And not to mention the follow along with me that I am doing here and on Twitter and Instagram.

There is so much going on that my ECLP didn’t have enough sections for the many sections of my life.  Next post I will show you how, my On The Go Folio (Also from Erin Condren), is exactly what I needed and how I set it up. I’m excited about using a whole new system, But…I am going to miss those covers.

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