Happy Fall, Y’all

Happy Fall, Y’all

Here we are in October.  Both of my kids have been off to college, and the house feels like it’s only getting quieter.  The days are still hot and long here in California, so my drowning victim pale-assed self has been staying inside, with a lot of books. Not to mention the fires…yes, California is still on fire, and with the mask mandates, I have been staying home.  

It’s almost impossible to be inspired when you’re looking at the same walls. It’s a relief that Fall is on its way; I am ready for the air to chill, the rain to come, the leaves to change, and to schlep my computer and writing supplies to the closest coffee shop to write.  While I love summer, because it’s too hot to do much of anything except reading all day, the cold just makes me want to hole up and create worlds and characters for you to visit. 

I am going to be taking the next four months off. I have spent the last two and a half years researching the Tudors, and now it’s time to bring all the magic and mayhem to life.  I will still be posting on Instagram a couple of times a week, so feel free to catch me over there. 

I will be back, with more content, and more books.

Jane isn’t finished telling you all the court gossip. The Captain isn’t finished posting his recipes, and Hawthorne is still very much haunted.

See you soon,


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