Jangles with Jane – Volume 1

I’m not one to talk behind her back but…

Everyone from mere lads to the King himself has been talking about Anne’s dog.  

She loved that little dog, It was initially given to Sir Francis Bryan by the Lady Lisle as a gift for Christmas. In case you didn’t know, we exchange gifts on New Years’, not Christmas.  But anyway, that’s not what this is about. This is about what happened to that mutt. Basically, as with everything around here, it had a secret meaning. Apparently, and I heard this directly from Cromwell, the dog was supposed to soften up Bryan because the Lisles needed his help. John Husee thought up the whole plan.

Anyway, Bryan had the little pup, the queen saw it, and, like everything, she wanted what someone else had. Bryan had no choice to give the stupid animal to her. She named it Purkoy, which she said was French for “why” because the dog would always tilt its head to the side as if it was being asked that very question.  Since she obviously couldn’t write French, despite having been educated there, she butchered the spelling of Pourquoi. We all know what she learned there instead.  

At any rate, her love for that dog was instant and it was most distressing when it was killed just a few months later. But how? 

Well, we just don’t know for sure, do we? Although there is talk, between you and me.

Some believe the little dog was tossed out of the window as a threat or warning, others believe it was nothing more than a tragic accident. However, there are a few of us that think it was done just to hurt her. She had no idea what was going on around her afterward, her grief was so severe. 

If it was an accident, how did a little dog jump that high, leaping out of a window? Purkoy wasn’t a large dog. I think someone said he was a spaniel or a terrier of some sort. He was very small, even smaller than the princess was at birth.  Considering his size, there was no way he could have accidentally thrown himself out the window, plummeting to his death. Odder things have happened at the palace but I must confess, I do believe that someone got rid of the dog.  Who that someone is…I do not know. 

Next time we will talk about—Amy Dudley, But in the meantime. I love getting your emails and PMs. You can find me on Instagram. 



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