Jangles with Jane Volume 5

I was haunting the palace today and overheard some juicy jangles—no I wasn’t actually seeking out gossip. I was in fact actively spying…because why not?  I can.

Did you know that there were numerous attempts on Queen Elizabeth’s life (this would be the first Queen Elizabeth) Anne Boleyn’s daughter, my niece?  

Let’s chat about one such plot.

In 1558, William Parry was convicted of treason and attempting to assassinate the queen. Can you imagine the gall? This incident became known as Dr. Parry’s Plot. Bring it up at any tavern and opinions fly around faster than any gossip about Jeffree Star.  

Now, here is why there is so much to talk about. First Dr. Parry managed to not only get away with attacking one of his creditors, but he also got a royal pardon and a seat in Parliament. 

Can you even believe that?

Working as a spy and a double agent, he was paid enough to relieve a bit of his considerable debt, which was a lot considering he made the coins of a spy but lived like a duke.  It became quite profitable to inform on fake Catholic plots against the queen. He was walking on thin ice. At any time it could be found out that he was double-dipping with his espionage against the crown. 

Now, there are a few versions of the attempt against Her Majesty. In one story, Parry attempted to engage Sir Edmund Neville in a supposed plot to kill Elizabeth, only so that he could rat out Neville and become a well-paid hero to Queen and Country.  Others say that Neville ratted out Parry. A few other people thought Parry was going to plant a blade in the queen’s heart, but he backed out at the last moment. Either way, Dr. Parry was finally tried and convicted, 

Unfortunately for the doctor, his argument—that he had never really meant to assassinate Queen Elizabeth I—fell on deaf ears. He was hung, drawn, and quartered at Westminster within a fortnight.

Talk about dead on arrival…

Next time we will discuss another such plot that was meant to take down Queen Elizabeth, The Virgin Queen. (As if anyone really believes that, the way she carried on with Robert Dudley)

-Jane, The Lady Rochford

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