Snapshots Inspiration

Snapshots in Time was so much fun to write, but it was also one of those books that I couldn’t quite get to where I wanted it for a long time. 

My husband, our girls, and I went on a family trip to Victoria, BC. Why? Because I was whining that I hadn’t had a decent scone since we left Ireland.  While on this trip, I was having a bad lupus day and my whole body hurt, but my feet were the worst; it felt like the bones of my feet were slowly being crushed. We stopped at LaConnor Inn in LaConnor, Washington. 

It was the smallest town I had ever seen.  The inn was comfortable, cozy, and right across the street from this amazing restaurant.  We went inside to check-in and behind the desk stood Chloe: blonde-haired, big-eyed, dressed in pink and ruffles. Even with the giant pink sneakers she had on, she looked like a Victorian-era porcelain doll.  

We checked into our rooms, and I asked my oldest to go downstairs and get some change or something. I don’t recall. She would not go down without her younger sister. It was so funny. My soon-off-to-college daughter was terrified of the girl behind the counter. I thought, and still do think, she was absolutely adorable, in the girliest of ways. My oldest thought she was one of those haunted dolls, like Annabelle. I thought… But what if she were a ghost? My youngest thought it was hysterical, and my husband, as always, just shook his head and walked away. 

During that trip, I found myself watching a lot of YouTube because walking wasn’t an option. Though we did walk down the short street that was this whole town,  my feet just couldn’t do it long-term. So, I was watching videos on YouTube, and one of the videos was about those coincidence photos, you know the ones. Where right before a couple’s wedding, they find a photo of the bride at Disney World and the groom in a stroller with a family in the background.

I knew I had to write this story.  So, check out Snapshots in Time.  It’s got it all: romance, a tower, a dash of time travel, and, of course, a ghost.”

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