Top Ten History Themed YouTube Channels


Happy August Hauntlings. I can’t believe that it’s the last month of the summer.  Anyone else lusting after backpacks and notebooks? Have you gotten your planner for next year? I haven’t done that yet, but I am working with a great accomplishment planner. Let me know if you want me to do a review on that. 


Now let’s get down to some fun. But before I do. Please note that my blog posts are not edited by my amazing editor Kim. Although “Chloe’s Diary” <final name> is now in her capable hands. I am researching #ProjectRoyals.  


SO let’s have some fun. These Youtube links are my TOP TEN Historical WOW Moments.

Some are meant to be funny, some are edifying, and some are just plain interesting. So let’s take a look into the past, via the creative content makers over on YouTube.


10) Fascinating Facts About Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn was executed on May 19, 1536. This video has the Top Ten Fascinating facts about her. Some are well known, like that Anne’s sister Mary was one of Henry VIII’s mistresses. Ooooh, Tudor Sister Swap?

9) Death and Diseases of the Royals

Oh, those Royals. We talk about their heirs, their weddings, and always what they are wearing to this event or that, but here we are talking about their deaths and diseases. Of course with any historical documentary you want to check the facts, if three reputable sources confirm a fact, you be rest assured, you did your due diligence. 

8) Deadly Things Hiding in the Victorian Home

Were the Victorians Suicidal? Probably not, but they sure had some inventive ways of accidentally killing themselves. Sorry to say but those poor people weren’t even safe in their own homes. Arsenic anyone? Would you like some lead with your tea and biscuits? 

7) Catherine the Great #GirlBoss

This one is a full hour and a half documentary on Catherine the Great and how she took herself from being the proper and obedient princess to being the most powerful person in Russia’s history. One of the first #GirlBoss 

6) Ten Rulers in History Who Were…Not Quite Right?

I’m not qualified to psychoanalyze anyone but…these people might consider making an appointment with a mental health professional or two, and in some cases, maybe just commit themselves. Yep, these are some baaaad dudes and dudettes. Although I don’t think Vlad was insane, he was just very good at scaring people into obedience and kind of evil. 

5) Marie Antionette: Her Clothing Pissed off a Nation.

Marie Antionette, poor girl, she loved the fashion but got her head lopped off for her faux pas. Honestly, she had no understanding of the demoralizing and mocking message the way she dressed because she thought it was a compliment. Fashion misunderstandings at it’s most deadly.

4) Thug Notes…I love this guy.

This one doesn’t deal with history directly. It navigates its way into the topic by way of literature, written by historical people, who became history by writing the literature. You can see where I am going with this…, right?

3) You will snort. I snorted. Aubrey Plaza is the bomb.

Aubrey Plaza and Cleopatra? This shits funny. Historically accurate? Probably not but OMG, have tissues because you might laugh yourself to tears. Parks and Recs loss, History’s gain. Seriously, there might be some offensive stuff in here so watch with caution, not a lot offends me, but…I can understand how some parts can be on the wrong side of humor. Oh, and the person telling the story…she’s more than a little drunk. 

2) Crime Scene Investigation: Medieval Royals

This one is gruesome, creepy and just plain Ewww. But so worth the watch. It’s like CSI: Medieval Madness. Dark Arts, Murder and Mehem mentioned, for those who are easily freaked might want to skip this one. But it’s so interesting. It’s a full 45 minutes longish. 

1) Why wasn’t Historian on my career paths listed in HS?

Dr. Lucy Worsley. My hero. If you don’t know who she is, you only need to research history, look on Amazon for her books (which are good too, btw). She looks at all sides of history, in this video, she compares the historical clothing of Harlots, Housewives, and Heroines.  Her Youtube videos are tasty little niblets of her BBC shows. You want to know what the whores of yore wore, I can tell. 


Well, that is enough frivolity from me. What’s your favorite Youtube Channel or topic, let me know in the links. Don’t be shy. I watch a variety of Youtube channels from cursed objects to Jeffree Star: Both of which I am living. 

Cheers and until next time: Happy Reading.



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