Top Ten Places I Would Totally Haunt…

If you could haunt someone or someplace…who would you haunt. Let me know in the comments. Let’s escape the real world for a few and have some fun.

So let’s get on with the list.

Number One:  Jeffree Star’s Pink Vault-

If you see your Chanel caviar floating around on the security cam, that’s just me, Jeffree, playing pretend with my unicorn. I promise not to leave any ghostly fingerprints on any of your Birkins.

Number Two: Stevie Nick’s closet.

Because come on’ this is Stevie Nick’s closet we are talking about. Any other hauntlings want to join me in living my AHS Coven wardrobe fantasies with me?

Number Three: The Tower of London.

The Tower of London, I could hang out with the ghost of Anne Boleyn so that I could do justice to her in the book I write about her, romance, time travel, ghosts, and Anne Boleyn. Now that’s my cup of tea.

Number Four: Ryan Murphy’s Office

Ryan Murphy’s office. Because, yeah, Ryan…when are you going to tell us who is coming back for season 9, American Horror Story 1984. I am sure he has the cast list somewhere. Ryan? Are they coming back? Sarah? Lily? Cody? Frances? Taissa? Maybe even Stevie? Pretty Please.

Number Five: The New York Public Library

It’s a Library…books, lots and lots of books. Think I would read faster as a ghost?

Number Six: A Certain Asshole

That asshole on the East Coast—what’s a few saucers launched at you going to hurt? Yikes not so hearts and flowers there. There’s a history there. I wouldn’t aim for their face. Ok, I probably wouldn’t throw anything, just shake their poltergeist all over their existence for a couple of days.

Number Seven Tiffany’s 

Like a magpie, I like sparkly, shiny, glittery things. The one above is in London. Ghostly field trip, anyone?

Number Eight: Starbucks

Simply because if I am going to linger around as a mist. I want to smell like a mocha latte.

Number Nine: Windsor Castle

Because…Reasons. Oh and I could trip the ghost of Henry VIII, and hang out with the Queen. I wonder what she has in her private library. And a scone…if ghosts can eat, I want a freaking scone. I haven’t had a decent one since we went to Canada. With clotted cream and raspberry preserves.

Number Ten: Oxford University

Can you imagine all of the things you could learn haunting the halls of this place? I would always be in class because I wouldn’t have anything else to do.  Seriously though, I think this should be the number one on my list of places I would haunt.

If you found this entertaining or want to share where you would haunt, let us know in the comments.  I check them every day.

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