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Welcome to my blog, Hauntlings.

Welcome to my blog.  Let me introduce myself, My name is Alex Andersen and I am a writer. I write Paranormal Historical Romance.  Let me explain what that is because my books don’t exactly fit into anyone genre.  It’s not exactly Gothic because not all of my books take place during the Victorian Era. My books aren’t exactly historical because even though my characters spend a large amount of time in the past, they are connected to the present.  In Ghost of a Chance my character Tyler Logan, finds himself spending his awake hours in 2017, but his sleep hours in 1847 Ireland. There is History but it’s not exactly History.  I am what you can call a genre bender. Because, why not?

What you will find in my books are these three things, Time Travel but without ships or any of the science fiction stuff we all love.  There will be romance but sometimes things don’t head in the direction that we think they are going  to go. Even I was surprised at where my next book “Whisperings at Forestwood” is headed. Paranormal is a large part of my stories. You probably (never say never) will find vampires, werewolves, or shape-shifters in my books, but you will find, ghosts, witches, Ouija boards, haunted hospitals, houses and castles. You will see what happens when past and present collide, when hearts beat as one, and when the impossible becomes almost normal.

So let’s talk about June. I will be crazy busy in June and this is what you can expect from me.

An account of BookCon in NYC, I will be there next weekend and you can follow me on Twitter. https://twitter.com/AuthorAlexA1 and on my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/authoralexandersen/

This month I will be doing book reviews, giveaways and all kinds of fun stuff so follow me here and to get any information first, sign up for my newsletter here or here. http://eepurl.com/djNktn

Mid Month I will be off on vacation to Canada and hopefully will be inspired to write a story set there. You can follow that trip on both my instagram and twitter accounts.

And always, I love hearing from you, please drop me an email at AuthorAlexAndersen@Gmail.com

And as always,

Happy Haunting


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